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About Us

In my childhood, I was a girl who liked to adorn myself more than other girls.

I used to wear my mom’s glittering jewels and imagine that I felt like becoming a fancy lady. 

As I became a mature woman, My interests in ornaments grew larger and larger.  

So I gathered accessories; beautiful earrings, necklaces, rings etc; one by one, and filled up the jewel box. 

When I would get together with my friends, we would gather around and touch the pretty jewelry, feeling it’s design and with delight.

I dimly remember these pleasant memories, as I felt like being a graceful princess by wearing gorgeous accessories.

Is this why I became a Jewelry designer? 

I was an imaginative girl who liked drawing and making things. 

From early childhood, I inherited artistic talents from my parents so I took drawing classes in earnest, with the support of my parents, then, entered Art High school and got a systematic education. 

Furthermore, I eventually went to the University of Seoul: Department of Metal Craft Design of Fine arts.  

It was a pleasure to professionally study metal craft, an art which I truly love.  

Also I looked into accessories and handled it, thought it over and researched it again and again.

After graduation, I joined the design company as a jewelry designer, worked in professional and commercial fields of activity, and in doing so I progressed up to a higher stage.

As a result, I earned the nickname ‘Jewel Park’ through my career which was achieved by producing, projecting and training for about 20 years.

I chose ‘Jewel’ because it represented my talents and ‘Park’ as my family name.

People called me ‘Jewel Park’ and whenever I heard it, I was blissfully happy.

In combination with my talents and experience, I opened MIMIBOOSHOP online in order to show my craft designs all over the world. 

My motto of design is simple but chic, classy and unique!!

Also, I am always inspired by natural motif, like leaves, branches of the trees, flowers, clouds, stars, moon, birds, animals and love as an eternal theme.

Also I’d like to say, my favorite jewel is pearls. 

Pearls have the oriental gloss and round shape gifted from nature.

I love this warm, cozy color and sense of stability.

Pearls are probably the most beautiful jewel given by nature in order that women may express their feminine qualities.

Otherwise, Metal has an attraction of shiny luster, but, it changed its various texture and feeling by using treatments and this is also another real charm which only metal has.

One day, I wish that many other people can feel happiness and satisfaction as a women through my designed jewelry (just like I was, that little girl who fell into a  happy fantasy, being a beautiful princess through the accessories which somebody designed.

This is my hope and dream!!